3.) For Shooter

I am most definitely a dog person. I grew up around dogs, and perhaps spending my childhood surrounded by canine affection I unknowingly have tried to adopt some of their admirable qualities of devotion. My former dog, Shooter, taught me lessons in forgiveness, moving on, and loving everyone who comes across our paths. Most importantly, he taught me the gift of attaining happiness everyday: he was not the smartest of dogs (he was reputed by all who knew him to be the “dumbest dog they’d ever seen”), but he got excited about everything – he could find pleasure in just about anything besides a thunderstorm. He loved cuddles (and was not afraid to throw all 60 pounds of his body into the lap of someone he met 5 minutes ago), going outside on walks, chasing squirrels, chasing cars, chasing deer, ear scratches. Even following the occasional bath, he’d bound out of the tub with an explosion of exhilaration like a jailbird getting parole, totally overcome with joy just to have survived such a traumatic experience. Perhaps most admirable was the fact that his affection was universal. There were certain dog-haters we knew who didn’t like Shooter, but he didn’t care – he got just as excited to see them every time they walked in the door and always made sure that they got their own personal welcome parade of tail-wags and butt wiggles.

3.) I saw this adorable video early this morning, and immediately thought of Shooter. And Shooter, he ALWAYS made me smile. 🙂


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