4.) and 5.) Fish are friends and not food….(and the Joy of Functional Windows)


Fish is delicious! Hailing from the northeast, most of my native-Texan friends sometimes tease me about being a big seafood and pizza snob (and let’s not even get started on Yuengling). Not that pizza in Austin is inedible, but with the exception of one or two joints, most of the pizza is the definition of mediocre. There is no truly delish Mom and Pop NY style pizza places, or Old Forge pizza parlors. And the same goes for seafood. I remember going out to New York or NJ, or even Maryland, to visit family in the summer time. We’d get blue claw crab, or a bucket of clams, or just-caught fish, or melt-in-your-mouth scallops, with sides of coleslaw and french fries and hushpuppies. We could get Atlantic cod filets for $8/lb. Austin casual seafood has primarly been Gulf-style: tons of crawfish, shrimp, and catfish…usually blackened or deep fried.

Enter Quality Seafood on Airport Blvd. We went here for C’s birthday last night and oh-my-goodness did it surpass our expectations! I got a 1.5 lb lobster that was flown in from Maine that very morning (this Lobster-fest deal is happening every Saturday, in case you are interested) and one of the people at our party got the Dungeness crab….a mammoth THREE POUND crab that he got to meet and approve of before they threw him in the pot. Several other party members got the sea bass with a delish glace and three people also had the balls to try raw oysters on the half shell.

Additionally, I’ve been dealing with a falling apart car lately…my AC has been gone for 4 years, and just this summer my drivers side power window died (leaving me with a window that wouldn’t go up). Yesterday my friend was able to fix it for me now….so yay for having functional windows!!! :-)….keeps em down when it’s hot, but now I can also put it up when (if??) it ever rains again!

4.) Melt in your mouth casual-style seafood feast with good friends = smile WIN.

5.) A newfound appreciation for windows that move up and down, thanks to a good friend = smile WIN.



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