6.) Ima make it RAIN, yo

Apologies for not updating…I’ve been incredibly busy with work (kind of a rough week, actually) and in the process of trying to move (which means clean the apt, determine what needs to go/stay, sell things that need to go, and pack).

Stress is settling in for sure, so let’s move on to the positivity!

Austin has been suffering a wicked drought for the past 10-12 months. We got a week or so of rain last September, and then virtually nothing until January. A day or two of rain there, and then nothing until 2 days of rain in May. And then – the sky was silent.

Enter Tuesday. I finished up a session (last one for the day!) at 4 pm and was sitting down to write my SOAP notes when I realized I needed to get something from my supervisor in the hallway. I walk out the clinic door next to the window, and do a double take: RAIN!?!? Could it really BE!?!?

Yessiree Bob, it was raining alright! It only lasted maybe 20 minutes, but you can bet I ran out there and stood in it for a good 5 minutes and soaked up (no pun intended ;-)) every drop that touched my hair, my skin.

And man, there’s something about a nice warm summer rain. It has that smell of asphalt and it’s a little steamy, very much unlike the frigid cold rains that leave your toes clammy and blue in your sneakers. Those rains are fun when you’re on your way home and can snuggle into a towel to warm up. But a summer shower is pretty dang hard to beat.

6.) So here’s to you, water pellets skydiving from the clouds. Thanks for the refreshing break from 105 degree sunny days. And please, come back soon for another quick visit!



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