7.), 8.), and 9.)…..and free foodles!

These next two weeks are going to be cah-RAAAAZZZZZy! Moving my apartment into a single room in another place, progress reports due in the clinic, my first solo eval next week (AGH!?), trying to tie together my IRB for my thesis, NSA meeting….I don’t really know how I’m going to handle this.

Part of me is ready to tackle it head-on…..”Hey there challenge, I shall conquer you!”. But I’m a runner by nature and so most of me wants to find a Colleen-sized rock to hide under where none of these troubles can find me.

I can’t remember the last time life got like this. I mean, emotionally the whole year has been kinda , but this to-do list is insane.

So there were a couple interesting things that happened in the past two days.

7.) Girl-time with my friend, J. She is a wonderful soul and spirit and I was lucky enough to have the evening with her, coconut gelato, and a bottle of red. It’s been like a month and a half since I saw her

8.) Free food! There’s a new restaurant that opened up near where I work, and they were giving away free sammies today! Free food is definitely a win, anyway you look at it.

9.) Austin’s heat index hit 110+ today, I think for the first time since 2009 (when I was working on my last thesis). I know this is a bizarre thing to smile about, but weirdly being able to survive these temps makes me feel kinda hardcore, haha. Especially since I had to bike home (2 miles uphill) in it! This September will also mark the end of the 4th consecutive summer I have endured here without AC in my car.

That kind of survival makes my to-do list feel a little more manageable. Because really, it’s all about perspective, right?


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