20.) – 23.)

20.) Waterparks – growing up in the northeast I never really frequented waterparks. In my opinion, it was never really warm enough to justify  standing in lines for water slides all day, and there’s some weird aspect of Dorney Park that just skeeved me out a little. My sister, on the other hand, adores water parks. She always reminds me of the time she went to the tiniest crappiest little waterpark out near State College and spent nearly all day there. Before she left Austin, her one big dream was to go to Schlitterbahn, one the largest waterparks in the world. I’d been to S-Bahn once before with a group of friends. We went about 3 years ago and on a weekday, and it was also overcast and drizzly. It was amazing! No lines, we rode all the park rides at LEAST once (in many cases, twice). My sister and I went a few Saturdays ago, and it was just as fun as I remember! It was pretty dang hot, and the lines were long, but we were still able to ride a good number of slides and as the crowds dissipated near the end of the day we were able to go on our favorites again!

21.) Live music – Austin calls itself the Live Music Capital of the World, and live music is just one of the many things I adore about this city. Last weekend was the ACL festival, and I got 3-day wristbands for my sis and me. It was MUCH more crowded than the last time I’d ACL-ed (also, ironically, 3 years ago), and I sadly missed some of my favorite acts because of work, but it was still a ton of fun. I probably won’t do ACL again (maybe a day pass next time), but my favorite thing were the aftershows downtown. There were some awesome acts (IRON AND WINE) at some great venues (STUBBS!), and we also were able to see Bon Iver in that same week! This time last year I was able to see Michael Franti and Jonsi. The thrill of seeing your favorite musicians, breathing the same air as them, sharing in the spine-tingling sensations of listening to them serenade you, makes live music a big smile win.

22.) Getting out of work early – Isn’t it just awesome when you wake up on a Friday morning exhausted from a long two weeks, mentally prep yourself for a full day of work, and then get out 3.5 hours early because they pulled in some extra help?? Oh yes, so very awesome!

23.) Rediscovering old favorite tunes – yesterday on the drive home from work, I was flipping through the stations and heard the second verse of “Fire and Rain.” I used to be totally obsessed with James Taylor. I had all of his CD’s, I had several shirts and other memorabilia, I had seen him 5-6 times in concert (once got to hold his hands as he reached down from the stage)….total groupie. But over the last few years I tired out the songs…listened to them a little too much. In fact, I hadn’t really listened to JT since maybe 2008 (gah…I’m sensing a totally unintentional theme in this post!). Hearing “Fire and Rain” brought me back and reminded me how much I absolutely LOVE James Taylor’s music.

Happy weekend, ya’ll!  🙂


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