25.) Finding out your car has been towed

25.) Finding out your car has been towed – I know what you’re thinking. Getting your car towed made you smile??

In September someone had tried to steal my car. Luckily, they failed and the car was repaired and all was better. But it had still unnerved me…I never imagined anyone trying to steal my car. Austin is pretty safe as far as cities go. The shaky event left me in a slight moment of panic every time I couldn’t find my car in a parking lot. I’d have trouble finding outside the supermarket, and be like “HOLY CRAP DID SOMEONE STEAL MY CAR??” My more rational side would reply “Colleen, don’t be ridiculous. No one stole your car. It’s  probably a couple rows over.” And rational-side was right…it was always there.

Last night, I went to a friend’s place. I’ve been to this friend’s house before, and she lives in a gated community. I parked, enjoyed a delish dinner and great conversation with her for several hours, and around midnight we went on the back porch to look at her plants. And I didn’t see my car in her parking lot.

My rational side was saying, “It’s there. You just don’t see it.” So we went down and I walked around like a zombie, hand in the air clicking the “beep” button on my keys. My rational side was totally in denial…it’s here. It has to be here. It’s ALWAYS here….you just don’t see it right now. Then I finally stood in the exact spot (now empty) where my car was and concluded it had been stolen.

Followed that up by some swearing, which caught the attention of some boys on their porch who said that they’d seen a truck come by and tow a bunch of cars about 30 min ago. This was kind of ridiculous, because the spots weren’t designated and there were definitely (easily) 40 free spots in the locked in lot. It was somewhat shady call by the towing company and way more expensive than normal towing would be.

But still!

My car had not been stolen! 🙂


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