26.) Joining a gym

26.) Joining a gym

I’ve actually never joined a gym before…so this was a whole new experience for me. Most of my life I’ve been an outdoors-exercise kinda girl: give me some dirt trails, some local neighborhoods to run and bike on, some wind on my face, some squirrels in my path. However, my schedule hasn’t really allowed for me to run daily outside like I could last year. I generally get home as the sun is going down, and  because of poor lighting and my almost-car-theft incident I don’t like running in my neighborhood after dark. I’ve tried zealously to set my alarm to run at 5:45/6 am prior to starting my day at clinic or school, but to be honest….I’m no morning lark. Getting to and from the gyms on campus is sometimes more trouble than it’s worth and there are often lines for the cardio machines.

My sister recommended a dirt-cheap local gym, and I’ve got to say it’s been an awesome experience! It’s by no means a fancy gym…no green smoothie machines, no sauna, no pool or racquetball courts. Just rows and rows of cardio machines and weight machines. Ahhh….the elegance of simplicity.

There are always machines available, there are about 10-15 different TV channels to mitigate treadmill boredom, it’s cheap, and it’s really close! It’s also motivating to be around a bunch of other workout fiends. That might be just me though – I’ve always reaped incentive for improvement from group settings (yoga classes full of yogis, writing papers at a café of studiers, etc.). And gosh exercise feels so good again! Since I’ve become a gym rat I’m sleeping better, feeling more energized during the day, and feeling less stressed and anxious over school. Here’s to you, gym!


One response to “26.) Joining a gym

  1. Claire Cappellini

    love this col, very motivating makes me excited to work out again!

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