29.) A Student of Life

            As I prepare to move into an exciting, long-awaited new stage in my life, I’ve had one thing on my mind a lot: what will I do with all of the extra free time I’m about to gain?

This contemplation tickles me to pieces! 🙂 It’s sooo easy to get carried away with the fantastical daydreams I’ve entertained in my 5 years as a post-college student. The way some people would conjure up eccentric ideas while thinking about what they would do with 5 billion dollars, I would entertain myself by thinking about what I would do if I had evenings and weekends free from schoolwork. One day during a study date at Epoch with a friend, I decided to put off thesis work for an hour by making a list. The initial list I made was long….after I graduated it appeared that suddenly overnight I would turn into a 5-star -meal-cooking, rock-climbing, mountain-biking, kick-boxing, world-travel jetsetting yogini, who in her spare time was also authoring a book, fostering a dog, redecorating her apt, doing research of stuttering, learning to fly planes, and raising public awareness about conflict diamonds. Right. Well, as noble (and tempting) as these ambitious goals seemed, I decided to cut back a little to something more reasonable.

Here is a picture of my list (color-coded, just for fun!)


These are things I either had practiced a lot in my past and have been neglected since I started school (painting, yoga, Spanish, wilderness survival, archery), or things I’ve always wanted to try (guitar, crochet, running a half-marathon).

Becoming a more independent biker goes along with the social riding community aspiration. I love to bike. And I adore my Cannondale….my Dad bought it for my Mom before I was born, so I feel like my relationship with my bike is maybe more special because of the family connection to it. She’s a beaut, too, isn’t she??


But to be honest, I really didn’t know much about how to properly care for her. REI offers free or cheap classes, and last night I decided to take a Basic Bike Care Maintenance class, taught by one of the guys in the bike shop. I’ve never taken a non-formal class before. I was a little unsure of what to expect. Also I was also the only nerd who had a pencil and paper and took notes the whole 90 minutes. The class was so great – he gave us little tricks of the trade regarding changing tires, patching, what kind of gear you absolutely need, what kind of gear you absolutely do NOT need, brake adjustments, hanging your bike up, lubing, cleaning the bike and the drive train, etc.

I was so impressed I think I’ll come back for more…they offer classes free to members for other things (rock-climbing, bouldering, wilderness survival and first aid). It also has inspired me to try some cooking classes – I know Central Market offers excellent classes, and I’d love to learn new techniques or cuisines I’m less familiar with. 🙂

There’s always room to grow. Even if I don’t adhere to my Rainbow List completely, the one thing I really want to do with my time is to work on growth.

To never stop learning.

To transition from a student of UT to a student of life.

This is your life, so get busy living, or get busy dying. 




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