31.) Reading for pleasure

I love to read. I love to read when I travel, I love to read by the beach. I love to read at cafes. On my balcony in the summer with an iced tea. Next to the pool with a mojito or cold beer. Tucked away between the tall shelves at Half Price Books. I tend to be a bit of a night owl, so when I go home to visit my family I’ll stay up after everyone else has retired for the night and just read for hours.

Grad school doesn’t allow much time for pleasure reading – I think really the only pleasure reading I’ve done has been during breaks between semesters, where I will hungrily devour as many books as I can in a 2-to-4-week session.

Currently, I’m not quite finished with all my work for the semester (big presentation next week, two big exams, some clinic things that need to get wrapped up), but I’m mostly over the hump and have a case of senioritis strong enough that it let me indulge last night for several hours.

So I took a hot shower, opened the windows to let in the warm Austin evening breeze, and snuggled up with my Kindle (current book: The Hunger Games) and my Ott-Light. The whole setting kind of reminds me of the reading-by-Coleman-lantern sessions I’d have in our family cabin in Canada, when my lil sis and I would share bunkbeds and stay up late reading and chatting.

The snuggly reading nest

It was glorious…a deep breath in and a long sigh out of relaxation.

(And yes, I shameless still keep stuffed animals around…)


2 responses to “31.) Reading for pleasure

  1. This looks like heaven

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