More changes in my life! I sound like a broken record, don’t I? Hm. Ironic, since the “broken record” metaphor usually implies lack of change…

Anywho, my living situation has changed again. I have a new roommate, and I no longer have a cat. This is my first time living with a girl roommate since college. Back in the undergrad days, I lived with one of my best friends for a year in the dorms (sophomore year), and then spent junior and senior year living with three of my best college friends in an apt that is roughly the size of the one I’m now sharing with my roommate. It was cramped quarters sometimes (esp with only ONE bathroom and a “kitchenette” instead of a kitchen) but those years with the girls also gave rise to some of my fondest college memories. I remember many lovely fall evenings spent snuggled around the (puny) TV together, watching Grey’s Anatomy (I would occasionally freak out about school…because I was a weirdo-nerd…and try to “study” while watching). We’d take turns cooking college food….microwave noodle soups or mac and cheese, except the one girl who always cooked the most amazing college meals. We’d deck out in costumes for Halloween or primp for Saturday night’s at Senunas’ or Murray’s, checking ourselves out in the mirrors in the bathroom. We’d play in the snow on snow days, we played with our collection of contraband hamsters that we’d rescued from the SPCA or the science labs, spend weekends going out with friends, doing crafts together, having the rare Cleaning Day, go to the Bloomsburg Fair and stuff ourselves with fair food, talk about boys, talk about our dreams and plans for after college. It was wonderful.

I really love living with a girl again, esp a really cool and chill one. We’ve had girl talks, and watched Bridesmaids together, and drank tea. We tackled an epic Target run to get furniture for the apt, took on Central Market to fill up the fridge, and managed to change the air conditioning filter after several tries.

I also have really enjoyed setting my room up. I changed the room around from how I first thought I’d have it, and I feel like I put a lot of thought into it: I moved the head of my bed so it DOESN’T catch the morning light (for days I might want to sleep in. Like the morning following the Creepy Moustache Party). I placed my rocking chair where it gets the evening/sunset sun, so it will be cozy and warm for reading, and also is close enough to the window for placing my water/tea/(wine?).  I put my desk on the wall far from the door for optimized space, and put my red dresser on the close wall to kind of shelter off my room from the rest of the apt.

I also hung a bunch of lights and have several candleholders and candles, hoping to transform my room into an after-hours meditation station whenever I want.  I’m drinking Tahitian Vanilla tea with almond milk and playing Skinny Love. I’m burning an apple-scented candle.

And missing some people.

People I care about.

Far away and overseas…


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